Preparing your Portfolio for Interview

When preparing your portfolio for interview it is important that you select a wide variety of work that shows off your range of skills. However it is important to be selective and not include everything. If you are currently studying, do discuss your portfolio with your tutor, as they will be experienced in preparing work for interview.

Your work should be presented in a portfolio case, with your name written clearly on the front. The size of the portfolio will obviously depend on the size of your work, but usually an A2 or A1 portfolio is ideal. You don’t have to use plastic sleeves in your portfolio if you don’t want to.

Roughly twenty sheets (A2/A1) is an appropriate number. Try to have 5-10 sheets of observational drawing (figures, architecture, objects etc). Quick, rough and experimental drawings are highly valued by the interview panel rather than highly polished and ‘finished’ paintings.

The rest of the portfolio should display your ability to experiment with a range of media, so any photographs, prints (silkscreen, linocut etc) could be included and alongside any evidence of character development and college/school projects. If you have any three-dimensional objects, you can use photographs to display these in your portfolio. Any digital artwork could also be included in the portfolio, although experience of digital software is not a requirement before starting the course.

Mimicking different drawing/painting styles obviously shows your interest in certain artists, but it would be more useful to see your own, original ideas and artwork. You may be asked to discuss your favourite artists and why you want to study Illustration at Worcester, so spend some time preparing a response to these questions.

Sketchbooks. These are very important as they show your ability to draw from observation and how you develop your ideas, so do include a selection sketchbooks in your portfolio, again, please make sure your name is clearly written on them.

The interview itself lasts about thirty minutes, in which an Illustration Lecturer will review and discuss your portfolio and explain different aspects of course. The most important thing to remember is that your interview is an opportunity for you to ask questions about the course, so it would be useful if you prepared a number of questions that you would like answered. This should not be a frightening experience, more of an opportunity for you to show us what you can do and for you to find out more about the course. Good luck with your application.

International Applicants

If you are unable to attend an interview we would be happy to accept a web-link to a purpose built blog (Tumblr, WordPress or Blogger) containing the following:

  • 5-10 images of observational drawings
  • 5-10 images of recent project work (mixed media, character design, digital, photography, etc)
  • 5-10 photographs of pages from your sketchbook

Please give a brief description under each image (maximum of two or three sentences) of what the project brief/task was and any other information you think is relevant. If you have any moving images that you want to show us, please embed a YouTube or Vimeo link into the blog.

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