Course Content

The Illustration course at Worcester covers the complete range of genres: illustration for children’s books, political articles, magazine, the graphic novel and advertising.You will be given a comprehensive foundation in drawing techniques and illustration skills in the first year, leading to a wide range of applications, from traditional techniques to digital realisation.

We offer many opportunities for you to work with exciting experimental cross-media techniques, with expert guidance into the professional arena in the final year. You will also gain a wide range of transferable skills, for example research and analysis techniques, problem-solving, communication and negotiation.

Throughout your course, you will have access to art and design studios and digital computer suites in the University’s state-of-the-art Digital Arts Centre.


Origins and Function
Drawing for Animators and Illustrators (mandatory)
Character and Characterisation
Illustration and Printmaking
Design: Skills and Theory
Graphics: Typography
Graphics: Creative Digital Production
Illustration: Origins and Function
Image and text (mandatory)
2-D Animation
Stop Motion
Graphic Design: Publication
Children’s book design
Visual Statement (mandatory)
Sequential Illustration
Illustration Forms and Genres (mandatory)
Location drawing and Reportage (mandatory)
Final Research Project (mandatory)
Professional Practice (mandatory)
Contemporary Practice (mandatory)
Authorial Practice (mandatory)
Negotiated Project

Elective modules

Single Honours Students: The structure of our courses allows you to tailor your studies according to your interests and strengths. You can study topics outside of your chosen course if you wish, thus giving you the opportunity to build skills that can boost your employability. You are able to choose from a number of Elective Modules in your first and second years which add breadth to your studies, make your degree distinctive and enable you to stand out from the crowd.

Visit our Elective Modules pages to find out more.


There are a variety of assessment methods employed on this course including: reflective reports, practical work, tutor-self & peer-assessment.

Joint Honours

It is also possible to study Illustration as a joint degree with another subject. The combination subjects available are: Animation, Art & Design, Creative and Professional Writing, English Language Studies, Fine Art Practice and Graphic Design & Multimedia.

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